Please read all of the following, but especially the highlighted sections.

Welcome to the 2022 Charbonneau Festival of the Arts. As a registrant from the postponed 2021 festival, you are “grandfathered” into the reimagined event, now scheduled for June 3, 4, and 5 without further charge. As originally planned, this will be a hybrid event, with live Fine Art Gallery and Artisan Vendor Show, with Virtual Gallery included in your registration. The new dates have also given us the opportunity to add the new Charbonneau Activities Building to our venue, more than doubling our available space. You will now be able to exhibit up to five (5) of your works in the Fine Art Gallery and there is room for additional entries in the packaged art/packaged card section.

You are EXEMPT from jury and from paying 2022 show fees

The coupon code: Exempt is our gift to you for sticking in there until this year’s registration for the June 2022 festival. It will offset the registration fees you have already paid and exempts you from jury.

You will need to Re-apply for our 2022 Festival

Thanks to your willingness to allow us to retain your registration fees from 2021, you are exempt from the jury process and can consider yourself accepted into the show.

Although you are “grandfathered” into the show, you will need to re-apply through ZAPPlication, a festival management program. Many of you may already be members on the ZAPP system and many of our 2021 show entries have already re-applied.

Follow these steps to apply for the 2022 Festival of the Arts:

  1. Go to ZAPPlication. If you are not already a member of ZAPP, you will need to create a free account to apply to the Charbonneau Festival of the Arts.
  2. Then, apply for this year’s show. Use your coupon to not pay the entry fee.
  3. When you apply, you will upload 5 images. Even though you don’t need to submit for jury we will include those images in the Virtual Exhibition Gallery.
  4. Once you check-out with your coupon, we will mark your application as “Exempt from Jury” and then “Completed.” We will send another email with instructions on how to proceed, but # 5 here is a summary.
  5. When you see the “Completed” status for your application, go to your cart, and then select the same products you applied for in 2021. There will appear a coupon box next to each item you can purchase. Use your “Exempt” coupon for each product you applied for in 2021. You will be accepted without further charge into the festival.
  6. We want to warn that our Packaged art show products are limited because of space, so if you want to show matted and/or cards, be sure to enter earlier than later. We will waitlist over 10 in each category.
  7. Further instruction for check-in, preparation of your hanging artwork, and vendor booth set-up will be provided before the show. You also will be updated on the Opening Night Celebration on Friday, June 3rd. All artists in the show will receive a free ticket.
  8. We also hope to announce soon the dates for an artist tour ahead of the show, so you will be able to see the gallery and booth spaces ahead of the show.

All the details for the show, important dates, and more are included in the ZAPPlications link and on our website at If you have any trouble uploading images or working with the site, please contact us.

John McLain
Chair, Charbonneau Festival of the Arts 2022

Update 2/12/22