3-D Shared Gallery: Instructions

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are about to experience the new world of virtual gallery.  We look forward to helping you prepare this for your work.

Here are a few instructions ahead of uploading your information and images for your 3-D Gallery.

Have prepared the following information ahead of giving us the details for your 3-D Gallery.

  1. Name for your Exhibition.  Usually this is your business name or your name, as the artist.
  2. Two 2 short paragraphs to describe you and your work.
  3. You will be able to upload up to eight (8) photos. 

Before creating an exhibition it is useful to have a number of content elements prepared:

  • You will be able to add frames and matte and indicate their color.  Be thinking of that for each of your images.
  • Submit your cropped (no white space), sharply focussed and evenly lit images with a minimum of 2400 pixels at 72 dpi, in the shortest dimension. 
  • Save your work at maximum quality and transparent to their background (no white space).  If you prefer we display your work you have photographed already in your frames, then they must be prepared in the same way — cropped and sharply focused, evenly lit to give your work the best possible appearance on the wall.
  • You will be asked for: title, short abstract, prices, and dimensions that the original will be sold at. 
  • We may display your images larger on the wall, but the dimensions you indicate will remain on the label.

Please send us this information no later than August 29, 2020.

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