Our 2019 Featured Artist

— Elaine Luneke

I am an artist who is passionate about displaying the beauty of the natural world in acrylics, watercolors, collage, and photography. I am most inspired by the intricacies of plants, and flowers both realistic and abstract, and their juxtaposition with animals, people and landscapes, especially in a large format.

Mediums:  acrylic, watercolor, collage and photography

Elaine is a Long-time Contributor to the Arts
in Our Community

For her contribution throughout our community in her work and in her classes, we are happy to present Elaine as our 2019  featured artist.

From “Earth Series”:  See LEFT –Earth Nest (Acrylic on Canvas) and BELOW:

More about Elaine’s upcoming exhibitions and classes, coming here soon.

Artist and Instructor

My classes are called “Everyone is an Artist”

An all-inclusive approach to art.

“Did you know that doing art acts like meditation, can reduce stress, improve memory; and, by drawing and painting you can grow new brain cells? In my classes we establish a collective for art exploration.  We share art experiences and pursue “I wish I could” dreams. We “notice” the mechanisms of how we experience reality and transform them into our visual expressions. You are expected to work on your own, but also to play with the group. Class will explore watercolor painting, materials, techniques, and a bit of art history. Come expecting challenges and growth.”

Her “Flowers Collection” includes: