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Artist Registration

Each year, the Charbonneau Art Festival attracts a large, appreciative crowd from the Portland Metro Area and beyond.  The festival opens Friday, November 1, with our traditional GALA! Artists’ Reception that evening at 6:00 pm.  Each registered artist will receive two (2) free admissions to this event.

Admission Saturday and Sunday is free to all.  Artists may stay on site throughout the festival.

Art Entries

General Entry: $35.00. Charbonneau Residents and Immediate Family: $25.00.  Each artist may enter up to four (4) pieces. Due to limited space, early registration is recommended.  

Instructions & Setup

Each piece of hanging art must be framed (except gallery mounted canvases) and ready-to-hang with appropriate wire. No “toothed” hangers will be accepted. If the art is not ready to hang securely, we cannot accept the item. Hanging will be at the discretion of the set-up committee. Fiber art, sculpture, and other fine art media are also accepted. All entries must have been completed during the last five years. Buyers must arrange for payment with the Charbonneau Arts Association cashier. A “sold” sign will be placed on purchases during the show. For processing expenses, the Association will deduct 10% commission on sales. Proceeds will be sent to the artist after payment clears the process for which the artwork payment was made (check or credit card). Barring unforeseen problems this will normally occur within two weeks of the close of the Art Festival..

Offering a NEW Option

We are offering a new option this year to the first five (5) artists who apply, to sell your packaged artwork and to the first five (5) artists who apply, to sell your packaged cards in the Art Gallery during the show.  There will be an additional option fee of $15.00 for each option. These details are outlined as follows.

Packaged Art Displays (Optional)

Space outside the Alcove Sales Preparation Station will be limited to no more than five (5) standing art display bins for packaged art and supplied by the artist and two (2) tables for art card displays, to be provided by the artist. The bin art displays may not exceed a height of 36” and a width of 24” which is a medium-sized standing art bin display. All bin art must be wrapped and clearly marked and labeled with artist name, title of the artwork, and price.  Artist-owned display bins must be clearly labeled with the artist’s name.  All sales will be processed through Charbonneau Arts Association. A 10% commission will be deducted.  The first five (5) artists who apply for this option will be notified and sent an Artist Tally Sheet to complete.  Your form is fillable pdf for convenience. Print out and bring with you to check-in on Oct 31,2019. An additional fee of $15.00 each for packaged art and also for cards will be added to your fee for this option.  We are requesting that you limit your bin art to 15-20 items, but this is not a requirement.

Packaged Art Displays Re-Stocking

Artists will be able to re-stock under the supervision of the Art Sales Volunteer.  The volunteer will need to add a completed Artist Tally Sheet Addendum to the existing sheet on file. This form will be provided to those artists who are approved for this option.  The volunteer will need to reconcile the count of new items with the sheet provided.  CAA will not be responsible for discrepancies in the sale or loss of items if the added art is not properly processed under the supervision of the volunteer.  If an artist wishes to change the prices of their packaged art, they will need to make these changes both on the item and on their sheet.

Deliver Your Art

Deliver your art the afternoon of Thursday, Oct 31, 2019, to Charbonneau Country Club, 32000 SW Charbonneau Drive, Wilsonville, OR. 97070. If possible, please deliver your pieces according to your last name, as follows:

A-L:  4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
M-Z: 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Pickup Your Art

You may pick up your art between 4:15 and 5:30p.m. on Sunday, Nov 3, 2019, and check out individually with the Gallery Curator and Association Treasurer. For registration questions or additional information, contact Eric Hoem at or email 

Our Invitation to Each Artist

We welcome you to join us for our GALA! Artists’ Reception, a festive opening night public event featuring your art, our student art gallery, local musicians, and a Silent Auction. This event will be heavily publicized and should give you an opportunity to meet art supporters from all over the Portland metro area. See updates online throughout the period leading up to the festival.

We offer each artist two (2) free admission tickets to the reception. Additional tickets will be available online ($10) and at the door ($15). The reception will include catered hors d’oeuvres and a glass of champagne.

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