Artists & Artisans “At Show” 2018

The following artists and artisans join us from all over Oregon and beyond and are among those who will be presenting their work at this year’s Art Festival.

Note to Artists and Artisans:  If you would like to include a link to your website, click to request.

Caye Bogue   Paper Collage
Jeannie Brandstrom   Acrylic
Nancy Brown  Acrylic
Lynn Brush  Oil Painting
Linda Brugh  Watercolor
Pamela Burkland  Wearable Art
Betty Cyphers  Watercolor
Barbara Devitt  Acrylic
Shelly Durica Laiche Metal Sculpture
Michael Edwards   Oil Painting
Ann Elsenbach  Metal Design
Dennis Gaibler Wood Sculpture
Shanna Green  Acrylic and Sand
Ruth Hardie  Oils and Mixed Media
Susan Hinton  Watercolor
Eric Hoem  Digital Photography
Brian Horler  Acrylic
Brad Isom  Watercolor
Randall Jenkins   Acrylic
Bob Jones  Photography
Holly Kroening  Acrylic
Joanne Ladd  Acrylic
Carol Leeland   Acrylic
Carlyne Lynch  Glass Fusing
Bill Marlieb  Acrylic
Dave Massing  Acrylic / Photo Art
Cathi McLain  Watercolor
Jerry McNerney  Oil Painting
Don McVay  Film Photography
Benjamin Mefford  Stone Sculpture
Richard Miller  Acrylic
Dorothy Moore  Watercolor
Chris Raish Acrylic / Pastel / Pen & Ink
Alan Seidenfeld  Polymer Resin & Found Metal
Sharla Sevy Watercolor
Sondra Sinay  Acrylic & Mixed Media
Elaine Swyt  Digital Photgraphy
Susan Waddington Acrylic
Molly Wullstein Van Austen  Oil Painting / Pastel
Joan Vedder  Stitchery



Aurora Colony Vineyards Wine tasting
Bennett, Joe Glass
Bierma, Lori Pottery
Bouthillier, Jann Scarves
Burkland, Pamela Recherche! Wearable Art
Durica-Laiche,Shelly Indio Metal Arts
Elsenbach, Ann Metal art
Engle, Marj Paper mosaic jewelry
Foertsch, Tim Haoleware
Gilbert, Michael Happilights
Hansen, Linda Tootsie La Rue
HarrIs. Lee Reclaimed wood
Helm, Marilyn Love This Stuff Jewelry
Kaus, Becky Metal yard art
Koessler, Phyllis Pottery
Lynch, Carlene Glass bead jewelry
McWhorter, Lea Jewelry
Michaels, Roberta Herbs Daughter
Nelson, Mike Holiday décor
O’Connor, Zewei (Willa) Jewelry
Olsen, Kathleen K6 Creations
Pilgrim-Taylor, Karin Nuts
Sengerberger, Kathy Wearable art
Sheehan, Pam January 5th Designs
Shingledecker, Joan Joan’s Originals
State, Kimberly Crochet
Toliusis, Nicky Crochet
Wilkenfeld, Margaret Margaret Ellen Designs