Last month, we reported about our annual Award Reception and our presentation of donation grants to the Canby and Wilsonville high schools.  This year the proceeds from our fund-raising—primarily the annual Charbonneau Arts Festival—provided the resources to donate $4,000 each to the art programs at these two schools.

The reception was also an opportunity to recognize again our over 40 sponsors and over 100 donors and partners and to thank an army of over 120 volunteers who work so passionately year-round.  A brief video was prepared to celebrate our work in 2019 and although it was impossible to cameo everyone this year and over the years, we take this opportunity here to thank all of you again for your tireless efforts.  In addition to the above, those are:  over 150 Student Artists, their teachers and schools, over 100 artists and artisans, 1000+ attendees and the planning committee chairs listed here:

(in random order): Lynda Huber-Marshall, Secretary & Gala Reception; Leslie Leeper, Artist Gallery; Shirley Hoem, Artisan Festival; Elaine Swyt & Cathi McLain, Communications & Publicity; Joan Vedder, Donors & Sponsors; Len Zucker, Facilities; Elaine Swyt, Silent Auction; Jenni Kadwell, School Relations; Pat Tewell, Volunteers.

More about our board and committees, how to participate in 2020, our celebration video, and so much more are online at

New Board Announcements

At the award reception, we officially welcomed new board members, Rick Cady and Cathi McLain.  In addition, the newly formed office of vice-president will be held by Elaine Swyt.  Eric Hoem will continue as president. Bob Wiesenthal and Lynda Huber-Marshall will carry on as treasurer and secretary.  Current board members Len Zucker and Jenni Kadwell will also continue on.

Announcing 2020 Arts Festival Chair

This month we begin with renewed energies to plan for the 2020 Charbonneau Arts Festival which will be October 23, 24, and 25. Mark you calendars!

We are very happy to announce that Rick Cady has agreed to Chair our 2020 Arts Festival Organizing Committee.  This is an enormous responsibility to manage the myriad of planning activities necessary to pulling off our annual festival.  Although Eric Hoem, who has successfully managed the festival these past few years ,will continue on as our board president, he said it is time to “pass the baton” on to Rick so he has more time to focus on emerging new opportunities for the Charbonneau Arts Association.

Everyone interested in being a volunteer to help us, may contact Rick, anyone on our board, or fill out our online “I Want to Volunteer” form.

New Fundraising Plans & Board Opening

Up to this point the main source of funds available to donate to the high school art programs has been festival sponsorships and a silent auction during the opening Gala. During this past year, we also accepted a Community Opportunity Grant from the City of Wilsonville, a grant from the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition, and from several generous private donors.  In addition, the December 2019 “giving period” allowed us to hold a Challenge Donation in which all donations up to a $1,000 would be matched by a patron. The results were encouraging as we received $400 in donations, which “magically” turned into $800 as a result of the match.

In 2020 we plan to continue developing our donation program in order to reach out to individuals as well as family foundations and trusts.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, any donation is tax deductible. Your donation also allows participation in the Oregon Cultural Trust program and receiving an Oregon income tax credit. We would be very interested in talking with anyone who has experience with this type of fund-raising.  We will share more about this in future articles and online.


From Eric, who is traveling as we write this article, on a cruise ship in Asia,

“As I think about the last few years and what the Charbonneau Arts Association has been able to do to help local art education programs, I feel a deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to all of you who have volunteered, shared their art, or enjoyed the fun of our major event. I call this resource “the Charbonneau way” and appreciate it very much in all the activities there are to enjoy in our community, including, of course, my own favorite –THANK YOU!”

Written by: Elaine Swyt, Vice-President (on behalf of Eric Hoem), Charbonneau Arts Association for the Charbonneau Villager, March 2020