Support Our Young People:
Become a 2020 Festival of the Arts Sponsor

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, we are not able to present our opening GALA! Reception and Silent Auction, our weekend live Fine Art  and Student Art galleries, and our popular Artisan show. Since all proceeds from our annual fundraiser — the Festival of the Arts — go directly to the local high school art programs and the student art programs, because of COVID-19 have lost pretty much all their funding for the coming year, we chose to take the bold step — instead of cancelling — to present a “Virtual Exhibition” for our artists, students and patrons.  You can see more about that here.

This year because we are presenting a virtual show, we offer the following opportunities for our community businesses, organizations, and individuals to partner with us in the production of this year’s signature event.  With the help of Pamplin Media and other local promotional advertising, our sponsors will receive even greater publicity than ever before.


  • Up to a 10-minute video (company provided) about your company & community outreach programs, posted on our website.
  • Your name listed as sponsoring the “Silent Auction.”
  • PLUS all benefits of Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels


  • Your name listed in all event articles.
  • Your logo posted on our website home page, linking to yours.
  • Your name listed as sponsoring the “Artist Gallery.”
  • PLUS all benefits of Silver and Bronze levels.


  • Your logo posted on our website
  • Your name listed as sponsoring the “Musician Gallery.”
  • PLUS all benefits of the Bronze level.


  • Your name on our website.
  • Your name listed in press releases & social media campaigns.
  • Your name listed as sponsoring the “Student Art Gallery.”
  1. Charbonneau Arts reserves the right to publicize sponsor participation in festival promotional materials in addition to the selected options.
  2. Benefits outlined above are at the discretion of the Charbonneau arts Sponsor & Donor Programs to implement to the extent of their local resources and capabilities.

Sponsor benefits for in-kind donations will be based on a 2-to-1 ratio compared with the standard cash sponsorship fees. For example, an in-kind donation valued at $1,000 would receive the sponsorship benefits offered to a $500 Silver level sponsor. If this is less than the lowest level sponsor, the donor’s name will be listed on our website and on signage as an “In-Kind Donor.”

Consider This:  Your Sponsorship Qualifies You for a Unique Tax Credit

Although the primary purpose of a Festival Sponsor is to show their community support for our festival activity and raising funds for the schools each year, the tax credit option is still on the table.  The Charbonneau Arts Association is a member of the Oregon Cultural Trust.  Thiss means a sponsor’s donation results in a tax credit and a deduction on your Oregon Income Tax!  Far better than a tax deduction, the tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction on the bottom-line!  We describe this on our “Charitable Contributions.”  Find out more there.

To discuss your support, please contact: Elaine Swyt, Sponsor and Donor Chair, at 503-329-7334 or
Tax ID #47-4653404