About our Student Artists

Spring Art Show – Class of 2020, Canby High School

Prepared by the students of Canby High School under the guidance of their instructor, Jennifer Dorsey.

AP Virtual Art Gallery  – Class of 2020, Wilsonville High School

Shared with permission of Christopher Shotola-Hardt, Art Teacher

Pandemic Art Project 2020

Go here to view this year’s pendemic art project entries which includes students from Canby & Wilsonville High Schools.

See Pandemic Art Entries

Budding Talents

Each year our festival includes a gallery devoted to student art work.  It always impresses the public to see their creativity and talent.  Several students each year sit in the gallery and work on an art project as a demonstration of their skills.  Students also serve as docents in their gallery as well as pitch-in elsewhere during our three-day event.  

Supporting Our Student Artists

After our 2018 Art Festival, we donated $4,000 to each school and the teachers made wonderful use of the extra funds. 

They bought equipment, took field trips, and entered regional competitions that would not have been available otherwise.