Sacajawea & Son Public Art Project

Charbonneau was contacted by Phinney Art Gallery located in Joseph, Oregon. The gallery has a 6-1/2 foot bronze of Sacajawea with baby son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, created by Oregon artist Agnes Vincen Talbot.

Fundraising efforts ensued to purchase the bronze for $52,000 and bring it to Charbonneau. The Charbonneau Arts Association setup a donation portal for this project. Enough funds were raised to purchase the bronze and the installment took place on September 24, 2023 at the opening of the 39th Annual Charbonneau Festival of the Arts.

The artist is Agnes Vincen Talbot, a fifth-generation descendant of Idaho pioneers. Her love of the Native American West began in her childhood days growing up in Boise, Idaho and with her later art studies. She is also a disciplined historical researcher who insists on authenticity and detail in sculptures and paintings of American Indians. Her works have been added to many private collections around the world. There are two other statues of Sacajawea –at the Sacajawea Cultural Center in Lemhi Valley near Salmon, Idaho and at the Idaho Historical Museum in Boise. The sculpture we hope to secure is the final Sacajawea bronze she created. The artist is 91 years old and lives in Florence, Oregon.

Thank you to so many for all their efforts to make this happen. The Charbonneau Country Club, Charbonneau Arts, and Linda Owen and her team of fundraisers, and of course to the artist, Agnes VIncen Talbot.