Presenting Our Board & Committees

Our board and committee positions are filled by the volunteers, as follows:

The Charbonneau Art Association is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.


Eric E. Hoem, President

Elaine Swyt, Vice President

Lynda Huber Marshall, Secretary

Bob Wiesenthal, Treasurer

Rick Cady

Jenni Kadwell

Cathi McLain

Len Zucker

Upcoming Meeting Dates: 4:00 p.m-5:30 pm. in the Rec Hall C. on the second Wednesday each month.

Art Festival 2019 Planning Committee Chairs

Eric E. Hoem, Festival Chair
Lynda Huber Marshall. Secretary
Bob Wiesenthal, Treasurer

Shirley Hoem – Artisans
Jenni Kadwell – School Relations & Student Art
Leslie Leeper – Gallery Artists
Lynda Huber Marshall – Gala Reception
Elaine Swyt/Cathi McLain – Communications & Publicity, Silent Auction & Raffle
Pat Tewell – Volunteers
Joan Vedder – Sponsor & Donor Relations
Len Zucker – Facilities

Meetings are scheduled on the 4th Wednesday of each month beginning April at 4:00  –  5:30pm in the Recreation Hall C on Lafayette Way.