Presenting Our Board & Committees

Our board and committee positions are filled by the volunteers, as follows:

The Charbonneau Art Association is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.


Eric E. Hoem, President

Elaine Swyt, Vice President

Lynda Huber Marshall, Secretary

Bob Wiesenthal, Treasurer

Rick Cady

Jenni Kadwell

Cathi McLain

Upcoming Meeting Dates: 4:00 p.m-5:30 pm. in the Rec Hall C. or by Zoom invitation on the second Wednesday each month.

Art Festival 2019 Planning Committee Chairs

Eric E. Hoem, Festival Chair
Lynda Huber Marshall. Secretary
Bob Wiesenthal, Treasurer

Shirley Hoem – Artisans
Jenni Kadwell – School Relations & Student Art
Leslie Leeper – Gallery Artists
Lynda Huber Marshall – Gala Reception
Elaine Swyt/Cathi McLain – Communications & Publicity, Silent Auction & Raffle
Pat Tewell – Volunteers
Joan Vedder – Sponsor & Donor Relations
Len Zucker – Facilities

Meetings are scheduled on the 4th Wednesday of each month beginning April at 4:00  –  5:30pm in the Recreation Hall C or by Zoom invite.