Inventory & Tagging System

In order to help you and Charbonneau Arts know what is entered for show and in order to create the wall labels, we use this Inventory & Tagging system. In preparing these, please list each item you will be exhibiting on the “Inventory Sheet” on a separate line. The form is set up to populate the inventory tags. You can then cut out your tags and attach to the back of your art, using removable tape. Please do this before you arrive at “Art In”. There will not be time to do that while you are there. If you choose to print instead of type, Please print very clearly. These tags will be removed and saved at the gallery when an item is sold.

When you print, you may want to select just the page you need. If you print all, there may be several empty pages, depending on the size of your inventory. Note there are two (2) tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Type into the “inventory” tab and it will automatically populate the “tags” tab.   Have 2 copies of your “Inventory Sheet” for “art in”. One is kept in a sales book and the other with our curator.

Here is a visual on what it looks like. Type into your spread sheet and the tags are generated.