Press Release

Eric Hoem, President, Charbonneau Art Association

Picture a recruiting poster from past eras. It says, “. . . needs YOU!” but you can’t read where you are needed. Well, let me fill in the blanks: it’s military service!

Not really. Many of you have done your duty there. So that’s either an attempt for an April’s Fool’s joke, or the lead-in to my article this month. Take your pick.

Seriously, this is the time of the year that most Charbonneau activities are ramping up, and all of them are looking for volunteers. The Charbonneau Art Association is no exception, but it is a little outside the normal range of social and golf events here in Charbonneau vying for your help.

Like Boy’s and Girl’s Aid, we are a non-profit organization seeking to help our community. In our case, it is the public Art Education programs at Wilsonville and Canby High Schools because funding for the programs has shrunken immensely in recent years.

This year our efforts made it possible to donate $4000 to each of these programs. It was very moving to see the teachers chock up when we made the presentations. They use these extra funds to help their students with entrance fees to regional competitions, field trips the district can’t afford, or equipment purchases so they can keep their instruction up to date.

And, we have a lot of fun doing it in addition to the sense of gratification that comes each year with our donations. Okay, enough with the buildup, right? How can you get involved with the Charbonneau Art Association?

One way is volunteering to help with our festival, which will be held this year the first weekend in November. It is a three day event, and last year there were 65 folks who volunteered to help, most from here in Charbonneau. If you were one of them, thank you!  Please let us know if you’re going to be involved this year.

To others, I say that volunteering is a great way to get involved with a relatively small commitment, as little as one shift at the Charbonneau Art Festival. It all depends on what you are interested in.

Our volunteer coordinator this year is Shirley Hoem, who invites anyone in finding out more to contact her at 503-816-5848 or Also, my contact information is included at the end of this article, and there is a spot on our new website where you can register your interest. Go to and navigate to the section for volunteers.

At the level of the Festival Organizing Committee, we always have a need for you if you are strongly interested in the arts and would consider getting more deeply involved. We can always use help with publicity, volunteers, sponsorships, reception decorations, facilities, etc., so if you have a particular interest or skill set, please; and I will help get you connected with the committee members working in your area of interest.

There is a “caution” that comes with this recruiting poster. It says, “Danger: Working with the Charbonneau Art Association could be addictive.” It is for me.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to help with our 36th Annual Charbonneau Art Festival can contact me:



The Charbonneau Arts Association participates in the Oregon Culture Trust and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is providing an exhibit opportunity and financial support for the art programs at Wilsonville and Canby High Schools.