Above:  Red Cross Poppy Archival Print (Watercolor) created by Elaine Luneke

Press Release 5.30.19. 
Eric Hoem, President, Charbonneau Arts Association

It is my pleasure to announce that Elaine Luneke will be our featured artist for the 2019 Charbonneau Arts Festival. Elaine is best known here in Charbonneau as the art teacher for our weekly watercolor class. In addition to being an excellent teacher, Elaine’s career includes work as a designer and as a professional artist.

Elaine Luneke

Elaine Luneke

This announcement should be no surprise. Photos of the work of Elaine’s watercolor students graced the cover of last month’s Charbonneau Villger, as well as the photo feature on page 3.

When I met with her to discuss our art festival, Elaine described her plans with enthusiasm that felt contagious. Unlike oils and acrylics, watercolor paintings need to be protected, and she showed me excitedly a unique design of how she wanted to accomplish that without heavy frames.

Our featured artist displays her work in the entrance lobby of our clubhouse and so creates the first impression as folks arrive at our event.  Elaine wants to present her watercolors prominently in a “very clean fashion” for this critical first impression, with examples of her acrylics more in the background.

Examples of her jewelry will be displayed as well.  Elaine likes to use recycled materials in her jewelry creations, and she had new ideas about that for our art festival.  All of these plans were explained with wonderful excitement.

Together with her teaching, all this—artistry in several media, design work, original jewelry—make Elaine the perfect choice for our 2019 featured artist. Her art work, teaching, and careeras a designer embrace all facets of our unique festival.

Last year in this column, I wrote about Elaine’s work as an artist, teacher, and designer.  As further introduction here, my comments bear repeating now that she is officially named featured artist for 2019.

In describing her watercolor class, I said that the theme of this class—and, indeed, all the classes Elaine teaches throughout the Portland area—is “Everyone is an Artist,” a mantra that typifies the positive spirit Elaine brings to all her work.

“I believe that pursuing artistic endeavors can enhance everyone’s quality of life.I especially enjoy working with people who do not think that they are ‘talented’ to help them see how much fun and fulfilling art can be,” Elaine explained.

Wandering around in one of her classes to get a couple snapshots for this article, I saw some extraordinary work being done.Great rapport between Elaine and her students was obvious the moment I stepped into the class.In just a few minutes, I watched Elaine confer with several students making helpful suggestions and getting very positive responses.

One of Elaine’s students, Lissa Willis, told me last year that Elaine is an inspirational teacher.  “I have done things I never thought I was capable of.  She’s just great,” Lissa said.  When I again wandered around one of her classes this year, I saw the very same dynamic at work.

Elaine and husband, David, have been Charbonneau residents since 2012.They came to the Portland area in 1986, spending most of their years in West Linn.

Prior to moving to Oregon, Elaine worked for an architectural and stained glass company in Springfield, Illinois.Of her 10 years there, Elaine said that “some of our most exciting work was for ecclesiastical settings, designing stained glass windows and interiors for new and existing churches.”

“We had the opportunity to restore pieces as diverse as Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright,” she added.

Elaine Luneke is as inspirational a teacher as she is talented as an artist and designer. You will enjoy meeting her and work as you enter this year’s Charbonneau Art Festival, November 1, 2, and 3, 2019.  It is not too early to mark your calendars.

Note:  We will feature Elaine Luneke on our 2019 Featured Artist page soon.  Watch for it.