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Open Call Instructions

General Information


For 2D and 3D artists of all art genres, the virtual Artist Gallery will give entrants the opportunity to be featured with their own PORTFOLIO page for the entire month of October, 2020 and to include:

  1. Bio/Artist Statement
  2. A photo gallery of their works (up to 12).
  3. Links to inquire or to purchase directly.
  4. A link to a YouTube/Vimeo or other URL to share a special art project.
  5. We are offering to 2D Hanging Artists the opportunity to display their work in 3D gallery and to sell their work directly with interested buyers.  we hope it gives the artists something close to a live gallery experience. A fee does apply. Please see ”Fees” for more information.


For Musicians who meet the eligibility requirements, the virtual “Music Stage” will give auditioned and selected entrants the opportunity to be featured with their own PORTFOLIO page for the entire month of October, 2020 and to include:

  1. Bio/Musician Statement
  2. Up to three (3) audio links.
  3. One (1) YouTube and/or Vimeo video links.
  4. Links to inquire or to purchase directly


  • The artist exhibit basic fee is $25. This gives you your own portfolio page (as described above) for the month of October, 2020.  Entries will not be juried, but will be reviewed for acceptable content for a general viewing audience.
  • A 3D Hanging Gallery option is available for 2D hanging artists.  The artwork can be beautifully displayed on a gallery wall with a wall label that can link directly to the artist’s e-commerce page to push a sale with interested buyers. We can help you with this or you can provide us a link to a gallery you create. Your 3D gallery will be included on your Portfolio page and may also be featured on our home page.
    • $45 for up to 12 pieces in a Solo Gallery. (See room example here). The fee is to cover cost of helping entrants create this for their portfolio page. Your gallery can directly link to purchase if you wish.  Any questions, inquire
    • $25 for up to 8 pieces in a Shared Gallery. (See room example here.) The fee is to cover cost of helping entrants create this for their portfolio page. Your gallery can directly link to purchase if you wish. Any questions, inquire
    • No fee if you provide us with a link to your own 3-D show. (For information, we suggest as a resource). Any questions, inquire
  • Musicians are a new category offered strictly for our virtual Music Stage in 2020. Music entrants will be auditioned.  There will not be a fee for this limited category but we ask for a donation, if possible.
  • Anyone who participates may offer a dollar donation or gift an item for our virtual Silent Auction. The proceeds from this go straight to our high school art departments.

About Sales

  • All sales will be between potential buyers and individual artist.
  • For this 2020 Virtual Exhbition show, Charbonneau Arts will not ask for a commission.


  • Artists must reside in Oregon or Washington.
  • Musicians must reside in Oregon.
  • Participation is limited to Jazz (Standards, American Song Book, Latin, Jazz-Blues, R&B) and Classical music artists who perform as soloists or in small combos or ensembles.
  • All artwork must be original.
  • Media categories include those here.  When applying, you will be able to indicate your media category for each of your photos you uyploadto populate your portfolio page.

Art Media Categories

  • Acrylics
  • Ceramics
  • Colored Pencil
  • Digital Art
  • Drawings
  • Encaustic
  • Glass
  • Ink
  • Jewelry
  • Leathercraft
  • Metal
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Oils
  • Photography
  • Pastels
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles
  • Woodwork
  • Watercolor
  • Other Art Media

Submission Limits/Requirements/Suggestions

  • Artists may submit up to twelve (12) works for display
  • Photos for your entry must be uploaded with the online application. We will not seek to collect entries later.  Only .jpg or .png formats are accepted for graphic files.  Entrants will want to present their work in the best possible light – photographed to plain backgrounds, remove the glass from framed work to remove glare, etc.  Those opting in to the 3D Gallery, will be asked to upload files at high resolution and provide specifications needed for gallery wall labels.  We will be in touch with entrants who opt to participate in the 3-D Gallery to finalize these details where applicable.
  • Musicians may submit up to three (3) links and ONE (1) YouTube or Vimeo link.
  • Entrants give Charbonneau Arts approval to select submitted artwork to use in their publicity and to offer viewers to share Portfolio page information on social media.

Art Awards

We plan to make the following awards if entries are sufficient in numbers. Our curator and an independent panel of art instructors will judge.  These will be ribbon, not dollar awards.

For 2D Art: First, Second and Third place ribbons
3D Art: First, Second and Third place ribbons

People’s Choice (across all media): First, Second, and Third place ribbons.


Week of June 15:  The Open Call begins online

August 21:  Deadline to apply.  At 5:00 pm

By September 1:  Musicians will be notified if they are accepted to participate in the virtual Music Stage

October 1: The “Art with Flair – The Virtual Exhibition” begins

By October 5:  Awards announced

By October 20: People’s Choice announced

October 31: The Virtual Exhibition closes


Friday, August 21 at the end of the work day, 5 PM Pacific Time

Sorry, no exceptions.

Contact Information

If any questions about your entry, please contact Leslie Leeper, Curator at  If technical problems completing your application form, contact Elaine at